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Benefits of Sports Massage Therapy

Get Back to Your Favorite Activities

Better Mobility

Massage Therapy reduces cramping, spasms, voluntary and involuntary splinting, which promotes muscle balance.

Better Life

Sports Massage reduces pain and promotes relaxation, creating a positive effect physically and mentally.

Better You

Sports Massage Therapy boosts circulation of blood and lymph fluids to maintain muscles and soft tissues in an optimum state.

Enjoy the Activities you Love, Again

Freedom from pain

My goal is to get your body functioning at it's highest capacity so that you can do what you love.

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what people are saying

  • The techniques he uses really help with pain
    Troy Takara
  • ...the most beneficiary source in rehab of my back.
    D. Forzani
  • Steiner helped my back, ankle and knee with rehab.
    Brian Sergi
  • If I had 10 stars, Marty would get them all!
    David Schmitt
  • ...anyone with an aching body go see Marty!
    N. Butler


Meet Your Therapist

Martin Steiner – Practicing for ten years

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California Certification: 50772